Project Wonder, an avenue for performing magic whilst supporting good causes and charities throughout the Southern California area was founded in 2009 by Jeromy Estabillo Chan after entertaining patients from Orange County Children's hospital during UC Irvine's annual Care-a-Thon. The experience of making people happy by providing a feeling of astonishment (even for just a few moments) through performance magic left an indelible and profound sense of accomplishment for Jeromy. In 2010, Jeromy began performing with John McCormack, a local magician and all around cool guy. They have been inseparable since. For more detailed information about Jeromy & John, please read further below.

Mish-Mashed, Styled & Remixed.
Using pop culture as a means to connect with their audiences, Project Wonder has taken many classics of magic and has rehashed, remixed and presented these physical and mental illusions to reflect their own identities, embracing a culture of interloping arts such as music, fashion, mixed web medias. Their style of on the edge but still PG-13 magic enables them to perform for a wide variety of live events that include weddings, fashion shows, award galas, community events, private parties, collegiate showcases and even rowdy night clubs. 

Moving Magic... Forward
While the Project Wonder guys continue to focus on live performing events supporting the community, it is their goal to create content for web media projects such as a forth coming web series on Youtube and Joseph Gordon Levitt's open-collaborative production company HITRECORD. In addition they seek to ultimately consult for entertainment industries' top talent whether it be musicians, commercials,  motion pictures or other magicians' projects. 



Creative Director extrordinaire 

Magishing Since: Dec 2008

Specializes: Stand up and Parlor Comedy Magic

Born + Raised: Orange County, CA

John M AKA John McCormack

John's Journey with magic began at age 5. Like every other boy wizard in Orange County, John would beg and annoy his parents into getting him something from Disneyland's famous Main Street magic store.

Fast forward to 2008, where he met Westin swirling delightful frozen treats at Pinkberry. It was this time when they discovered their mutual passion for the art and joined forces to entertain and tickle the fancies of anyone who'd care to give them a minute (ask about the one time they performed for blind guy at a coffee shop) . John now focuses on creating content for future webisodes for Project Wonder and performing his stand up comedy magic in venues such as open mics, weddings, private parties and especially College Program Events.



Creative Director extrordinaire 

Magishing Since: Nov 2001

Specializes: Close up magic and Multimedia Marketing with a magicial emphasis

Born + Raised: Bay Area, CA

Westin Marc AKA Jeromy Estabillo Chan 

Discovering magic at a relatively late age for typical magicians, Westin has been passionately training in the art of magic since his early collegiate years.

By constantly finding inspiration through his background with music, dance and other creative outlets, he continually develops a knack for creating relate-able and memorable presentations of magic. Most who rub elbows with Westin commonly describe him as a friendly, upbeat and charismatic performer- one who strives to share an intimate and exciting modern style that massages emotions on a fun and visceral level. Everyone else calls him a geek... but in a "good way".

In an interview with the Orange County Register, Westin explains:

"We're now beginning to see it in movies, high profile events and even in the corporate world. I think people want to get away from the daily rigors and experience an incredible moment, no matter big or small- almost like a live scene from a kick ass movie- with special effects! That particular person kicks his imagination into overdrive and creates an immersive moment of wonder. I'm merely a vessel to help get them through the ride."

Currently, Westin resides in Orange County, CA and performs both solo and in tandem with John M at various night clubs, fashion events, benefits and private showcases. He is an active member of the world renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA and International Brotherhood of Magic as well.

Contrary to belief, Westin does not own a rabbit- or a top hat. But he does love cheese... and suits.

notable past clients and venues performed at include: